SubPartners delivers telecommunications infrastructure projects through trusted relationships and partnerships.

Sydney - Singapore connectivity is being built.
Indigo West connecting Singapore to Perth (via Indonesia)
& Indigo Central connecting Perth to Sydney.

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The Problem

Australia’s ageing, underpowered cable systems are not satisfying our thirst for reliable, international and trans-Australia connectivity.

The Solution

Australia urgently needs cost effective, modern & high performing cable systems (particularly to Asia), to ensure better connectivity to the rest of the world.


Through trusted relationships and partnerships, SubPartners has been the promoter of a Consortium to build the Indigo West & Indigo Central cable systems connecting Singapore to Sydney.

SubPartners is committed to a vision that delivers a new paradigm in independent submarine cable development.

SubPartners is a dynamic company committed to delivering significant telecommunications infrastructure projects through an innovative model of trusted relationships and partnerships.

Founded by some of the industry’s most experienced and trusted telecommunications entrepreneurs, SubPartners has the relationships, experience and access to funding necessary to take major telecommunications infrastructure projects from concept to reality.

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Introducing the Indigo Consortium

Indigo is the name for the two distinct cable projects. Indigo West connecting Singapore to Perth via Jakarta, and Indigo Central connecting Perth to Sydney. Together these systems represent a significant investment in the Asia Pacific region and will deliver a new diverse and seamless route between Southeast Asia and Australia.

Through a common need for reliable, cost effective and independent South East Asian Connectivity, along with a willingness to cooperate, SubPartners promoted the formation of an 'open' Consortium to build the Indigo cable systems.

Indigo West

Indigo West will deliver cost effective, reliable, low-latency and diverse connectivity between Singapore & Perth. In addition there are two fibre pairs connecting Singapore to Jakarta via a branching unit.

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Indigo Central

Indigo Central will deliver diverse, reliable and secure connectivity between Perth and Sydney, Australia. The new subsea route will compliment the existing terrestrial networks across Australia.

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