Bevan Slattery

CEO & Co-Founder

Bevan Slattery is a well known Australian IT and telecommunications entrepreneur with a proven track record in founding technology companies and building large scale infrastructure projects.

Since founding SubPartners in 2013, Bevan has also founded and successfully raised capital for two additional technology companies. He founded Superloop Limited (ASX: SLC) in 2014, an Asia Pacific focussed network provider with substantial network assets in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Superloop went on to list on the ASX in June 2015 with an IPO of $17.5 million and Bevan currently serves as CEO and Executive Director. In 2015, he founded Megaport Limited (ASX: MP1), a provider of elastic interconnection services to service the Cloud, which was listed in December 2015 with an IPO raising $25 million to fund its expansion into North America. Bevan currently serves as Megaport’s Executive Chairman.

Prior to establishing SubPartners, Bevan founded NEXTDC Limited (ASX: NXT) with a vision to build Australia’s largest independent data centre provider. NEXTDC went on to complete data centre facilities in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and became Australia’s largest data centre provider in terms of geography and IT power capability.

In 2002, Bevan cofounded PIPE Networks and as CEO/Managing Director led the company to become Australia’s largest Internet Exchange and Australia’s third largest metropolitan fibre network provider with over 1,500km of fibre in 5 cities connecting 80 data centres, 250 Telstra exchanges and over 1000 buildings.

In 2009, PIPE completed construction of the PPC1, a $200 million submarine cable system from Sydney to Guam. Remarkably, PPC1 was completed despite the GFC occurring in the middle of the construction program.

Bevan has received numerous industry and business awards in Australia as a result of his passionate commitment to technology, telecommunications and entrepreneurship.

Bevan holds a Masters in Business Administration from Central Queensland University.