Hamish Lee

Sales Director

Hamish is responsible for liaising with Government, Carriers, Content Providers and the R&E community to ensure the APX cable systems meet their full potential.

Prior to joining SubPartners, Hamish was the European Sales Director (Carrier Services) for TATA Communications, based in London and responsible for a team throughout the PanEuropean region with annual sales revenues of $130m. He also represented TATA Communications as a member of the General Assembly for TERENA (TransEuropean Research and Education Networking Association), working with regional National Research and Education Networks to provide high speed connectivity.

Hamish has over 15 years of international telecoms experience and has held lead sales positions with Teleglobe, VSNL International and most recently was Country Manager and Company Director for TATA Communications in Australia, delivering satellite and fibre transmission services across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. He was the lead for TATA Communications when PPC1 landed into Guam utilising the Piti CLS and providing onward connectivity on the TGN Network.

Hamish is passionate about telecommunications and his experience gives him a strong capacityto work across functional groups to drive customer focused outcomes.